This dog hammock is the perfect blend of comfort for your dog and protection for your car

Everybody loves the plan. Well…in theory, that is. You pile the whole family into the car, including your favorite pooch, and you hit the road on an adventure. But by the time your fun is done, the backseat ends up looking like it's now your dog's new home. Covered in hair, dirt, and ugly scratches, it looks like a tornado hit back there. And that's without letting them anywhere near the horn.

With the Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover in place, drivers can make sure the car stays clean and unblemished, while your dog stays comfortable and safe.

It's called a seat cover, but this item is really more like a little doggie hammock. Made from heavy-duty non-slip rubber mesh, the cover features zippered side panels that cover the doors and seat upholstery of over 100 different vehicle types, effectively crafting a 360-degree safe space for your dog to ride in style and comfort. 

There are even headrest protectors as well as four layers of double stitching and extra thickness to the padding that will be comfortable for your dog while offering extra protection of your bench seats. You can also configure the cover into a half hammock space in case there's also a human sitting back there with the dog.

The covers actually attach in seconds, with convenient seat anchors, hooks, and loops to hold everything in place. In fact, there's even a seatbelt strap so you can hook your dog into the seat and make sure they're comfy for the entire right. Once you're home, the whole thing unzips, and you can drop the entire cover into the washing machine for hassle-free cleaning.

Designed and tested with focus groups full of dog lovers, this seat cover is the ultimate combination of dog safety and comfort with vehicle preservation and cleanliness. Amazon customers seem to be fans as well, offering up a stellar 4.6 out of 5-star rating from over 1,800 reviews. 

You can get ready for summer travel now with the Meadowlark Dog Seat Cover, a $69 value that's now $5 off with this offer, down to just $63.99.

Prices subject to change.