Watch this brazen Walgreens shoplifter fill a garbage bag with stolen stuff and ride a bike out the door

Remember in October when we posted about a man brazenly shoplifting at a San Francisco Walgreens while TV news was in the store reporting on brazen shoplifting? The craziness continues, again captured on video (above) by a news reporter who happened to be in the store. I like how the reporter asks the security guard if she should call 911 and he responds with an "eh" shrug. Apparently, theft from San Francisco Walgreens stores is four times higher than their other US stores. Meanwhile, the company claims that their expenditures on security guards in San Francisco is 35 times more than they spend in other cities. Basically, the thieves know they are highly unlikely to get caught so they just have at it. From ABC7 News:

"And even if somebody does get arrested, we can all talk about the track record of the D.A.'s office," said Tony Montoya of the Police Officers' Association, who has criticized that office for failing to prosecute certain robberies.[…]

The Public Policy Institute of California compiled numbers showing San Francisco has the lowest arrest rate of any police department in California.

"That answer does speak to staffing. I mean it's direct and this is not an excuse, this is a reality. In order for us to be at these locations when these things happen, the officers have to have time to be there," explained San Francisco Police Chief William Scott.