14 second clip shows why no-one can trust cops

No-one is shot, killed, beaten, asset-forfeited or knelt on in this 14-second clip posted to TikTok by a homeowner in Connecticut. Not a word is said. There are no threats or warnings, no contradictory commands or enraged swearing. And yet it's a perfect image of what's wrong with policing in America: an effort to make sure that none of the above — or anything else a cop does — might ever be proven.

@nicknicknicknicknicknick on TikTok wrote that the officer showed up at his house and "ripped the camera off it's mount" before knocking on his door, later specifying that it was a Litchfield, Connecticut, officer accompanied by Connecticut State Police.

In the later video, he shows where the camera is installed, why he can't mount it out of reach, and says the officer "friended" him on Facebook after he posted the video online and sent him a "thumbs up".

"At what point does this become harassment?" he asks.

As an aside, that appears to be a Reolink home camera system [Amazon], which I have and recommend. A huge upgrade over the minimum-viable-product cloud junk (Arlo, Nest, Ring etc) recommended by Wirecutter and others.

P.S. you don't actually want to mount a door camera too high up, as the angle will make it surprisingly difficult to identify people approaching the door and you're unlikely to truly get it out of reach for someone determined to disable it. If you want the subject to be identifiable, the best level for a camera is just above head height.