160,000 condoms are readied for Olympic athletes yet regulation requires they "avoid unnecessary forms of physical contact"

At every Olympics since 1988, organizers have distributed more than 100,000 free condoms to the 15,000 participating athletes who live together in the Olympic Village for weeks. The condoms have been readied for this year as usual, and the manufacturers are pumped about the marketing opportunity, yet the Olympic rulebook states that the athletes must "avoid unnecessary forms of physical contact." From The Guardian:

The mixed messaging has baffled observers, including the celebrated Japanese mountaineer, Ken Noguchi, who said handing out prophylactics while imploring their owners to keep them under wraps was "something I just can't comprehend".

Games organisers have belatedly spun the anomaly into a safe sex message. The condoms are not intended for use in the athletes' village, they said. Instead, they are meant to be taken home and used to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS[…]

While the IOC has said up to 80% of prospective Olympic and Paralympic village residents will be fully vaccinated by the time the Tokyo Games open on 23 July, they will spend much of their time there a safe distance from their fellow residents.

Organisers were originally planning to provide meals in vast dining halls, but are now encouraging athletes to eat – and sleep – alone.

image: commemorative vintage pin on eBay