Check out these 12 learning bundles that are on sale for just $20 apiece

So, how's this for a plan? We've rounded up 12 sets of career redefining training with top-notch instructional material. These course bundles contain guidance in coding with Python, creating in Adobe CC, building video games, investing in cryptocurrency, and so much more. 

All 12 bundles would cost less than $300. Now, we aren't endorsing that you get them all. But we aren't saying you shouldn't either. If just one strikes your fancy, you should absolutely jump in. But with many of these packages at year-long lows of just $20, these deals on foundational tech and business training don't come around that often. Best of all, these deals can't be found anywhere on Amazon. 

The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle – $20; originally $2,030

Python is the core of much of today's computer science and data analysis, so this 12-course, 85-hour collection can get learners up to speed on this foundational skill. Students will be challenged to build programs, make games, analyze data, and more hands-on projects, all bolstering their knowledge of this huge general-purpose coding language.

The Ultimate Electrical Power Engineer Preparation Program Bundle – $20; originally $1,000

Serving power needs will only become more and more essential in our tech-savvy age, so this package of training can lay the groundwork for a prosperous new career in electrical engineering. Over 5 courses with over 43 hours of training, the pillars of a new career in power management are here, with courses in circuitry, design distribution, solar energy, and even how electrical substations work.

The All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle – $20; originally $3,284

If you're looking for a career in cybersecurity, this all-inclusive bundle offers a taste of everything. These 18 courses packed with more than 130 hours of in-depth instruction are a fully rounded meal in all aspects of cybersecurity and protecting vulnerable systems from hacker threats. From training in Python to pen testing tactics to using tools like Kali Linux, Burp, Metasploit and more, this well-rounded package can get a student ready for major IT security certifications.

The 2021 Premium Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle – $20; originally $3,400

If you've ever had the desire to create your own video game, look no further than the Unity Game Engine, one of the most popular game creation platforms anywhere. Over these 17 courses with nearly 1,000 lessons and over 140 hours of training, students will create handfuls of games, each offering different lessons toward building bigger, even more polished games. From building an air hockey game to a first-person shooter, from a Flappy Bird clone to a starship game powered by AI, this training covers a lot of ground. 

The Master Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle – $20; originally $2,594

Speaking of coding, this wide-ranging set can get students to understand and use some of the most important programming languages, tactics, and tools in the industry. This 13-course, 120-hour package features training in everything from Python, Ruby on Rails, C++, JavaScript, and more, as well as the basics of computer science, machine learning using R Programming, and even how to oversee large Big Data projects to find answers in numbers that other people can't.

The 2021 Complete Computer Science Training Bundle – $20; originally $1,800

For those who want to take an even deeper look into computer science, they can start preparing for that lucrative and explosive job sector now with this 9-course, 212-hour examination of all aspects of using tech to answer amazingly complex questions. Training features coursework in statistical modeling, discrete mathematics, Linux, and several offer key tools, all of which advance toward a deeper understanding of some truly fascinating new fields like artificial intelligence.

The 2021 Complete All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle – $20; originally $2,400

Over a dozen courses, this is a fully-considered exploration of how to use all the amazing tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud of apps, the most powerful digital creation suite in the world. These courses explain video editing with Premiere, image manipulation with Photoshop and Lightroom, graphic design with Illustrator, as well as web building with XD, Spark, and more.

The Complete Mobile and App Development Bundle – $20; originally $1,791

There is no shortage of companies looking for workers who know their way around app creation — and this 9-course package can put you in that class. Whether you're looking to create cool new apps for Android, iOS, or both, these courses explain who each works and offer several hands-on app creation projects to test your mettle and advance the work using tools like Java, React Native, Git, and more.

The 2021 Complete AWS DevOps Engineer Certification Bundle – $20; originally $2,200

Building a network from scratch or even migrating one into the cloud is no simple task. With the 11 courses in this bundle, learners acquire all the skills to make that delicate process happen, including all the tools available to Amazon Web Services (AWS) users to help smooth out those operations. Once a student is through, they'll be ready to take and ace a set of DevOps Engineer certification exams that can take any IT career to the next level.

The Internet of Things and ESP32 Arduino Beginners Course Bundle – $20; originally $1,393

Tinkering has been a hobby forever, but with web-connectivity questions inherent in Internet of Things items, it's a whole new world figuring out what can and can't be connected and controlled via the web. With this 7-course package, students learn how to use ESP32 and Arduino components to create some amazingly mind-blowing ideas, like your own web server, a functioning smart garden, an email alert system, and more, often without the need for any special coding skills.

The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle – $20; originally $1,200

If Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency craziness are still over your head, these six courses with a meaty 35 hours worth of content can get you up to speed. This is not only prime material to help understand the ideas behind blockchain and the creation of digital currencies, but the tools are all here to use the tools of Ethereum, Solidity, and more to create crypto of your own, then unleash it on the world.

The Premium CompTIA and Cisco Networking Certification Prep Bundle – $20; originally $1,600

There are arguably two no more respected certifications in the IT world than acknowledgment from CompTIA or of network management prowess through Cisco training. These 8 courses covering more than 75 hours of instruction check both of those boxes, including training in passing IT security and cloud proficiency testing with CompTIA Security+ and Cloud+ certification, then Cisco networking protocols with direct training in who to pass one of Cisco's most important network certification tests.

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