Doctor invents a hiccup-curing straw with a 90% success rate

neurointensivist from the University of Texas at San Antonio says he was inspired by a McFlurry straw to create the HiccAway, a straw that he claims will relieve 9 out of 10 hiccup sufferers. The straw has a tiny hole on one end, which makes you have to suck extra hard to draw water through it. Dr. Ali Seifi told Insider that this extra effort fools the brain to "stop the vicious cycle between the phrenic nerve (controlling the diaphragm) and the vagus nerve (controlling the epiglottis). Users have to both contract their diaphragm (to suck) and close their epiglottis (to swallow). 'The diaphragm keeps being occupied by our intention of suctioning the water. Then, the brain forgets to keep spasming that diaphragm.'"

I wonder if you could just pinch the middle of a plastic straw? Next time I get the hiccups, I'll try that.