It's official: Disney+ will premiere Peter Jackon's 6-hour Beatle's documentary in November

Director Peter Jackson's long-awaited Beatles documentary will air in three two-hour episodes over Thanksgiving weekend on Disney+.

Jackson had plenty of material to work with. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr gave Jackson over 60 hours of never-before-seen video of the band rehearsing and performing. And Ars Technica says Apple Corps gave Jackson a treasure trove of audio from its vault:

Jackson stitched the footage together with access to what Disney calls "over 150 hours of unheard, restored audio"—meaning yes, somehow Apple Corps. still has some tapes in hiding after this many Beatles special edition albums, anthologies, video games, and Cirque du Soleil collaborations. For further context on the Let It Be recording sessions, the film will be paired with a physical book full of photos and original interviews, now delayed to an October launch.