Police chief insists officer accidentally ran over gunshot victim and has excuse for why it wasn't in the report

Springfield police Officer Amanda Rosales ran over gunshot victim Eric Cole and likely killed him or contributed to his death. Police Chief Lee Graf insists it was an accident — the man was lying prone in the street and Rosales was responding to his own 911 call — and released dashcam footage from two angles. The victim's family says they're weren't told what happened, or why the incident wasn't mentioned in the police report, and have demanded accountability.

Wilson asked Graf why she was not told "that she ran over my son."

"I want the officer held accountable just like if they get the suspect, they will hold him accountable," Wilson said.

Police and city officials were also criticized Wednesday because an incident report did not mention the cruiser's running over Cole. Officials said that was because a report about the shooting was separate from a report about the on-duty vehicle accident, which is being handled by the Highway Patrol.

The man was shot, crawled out of his house and called 911, and the last thing he saw was the lights of the cop car about to crush him.