What is… the Alex Trebek Open Space?

Tucked away in Los Angeles's Santa Monica Mountains, between Hollywood Boulevard and Mulholland Drive, there are 62 acres of unmarked trees, brush, and dirt where the public can hike or just sit quietly and remember the iconic Jeopardy! host who died last year, George Alexander Trebek, OC. This is the Trebek Open Space that Alex Trebek donated to the City of Los Angeles in 1988. As Julie Tremaine writes in SFGATE, it "isn't really a park, and it isn't really not a park. It's an in-between place." From SFGATE:

There are no signs for it anywhere, nothing to let you know that you've arrived other than maybe a car or two parked on a little dirt patch off Nichols Canyon Road. Its only marking is a tucked-away gate that, if you're driving up into the canyon, you will definitely miss on your first (and probably second) attempt.[…]

It's scenic but not showy. There's a well-worn uphill path with some trees and chaparral, at not too steep of an incline as long as you're not hiking it in a heat wave. The path overlooks the roofs and pools of some of the canyon homes, which are spread out enough that there's plenty of green in between them, and connects to a few more paths carved into the hillside. On clear days, there's a nice enough view of the buildings rising up out of Melrose and La Brea and mid-Wilshire. But Trebek Open Space doesn't feel like it was set aside to be especially scenic. There are plenty of other nearby hikes, like Runyon Canyon, for that. The open space is a place that, more than anything, is dedicated to the health and future of the city. 

Trebek Open Space (MRCA)

images: MRCA