Let's Not Meet is a true horror podcast

Let's Not Meet is a "true horror" podcast by Andrew Tate. Each episode features true stories written by people who have lived through an encounter (and sometimes a relationship) with a creep. The stores are narrated by Tate, who does a fantastic job at creating an atmosphere of suspense while reading them.

Every type of creepy situation imaginable is covered on the podcast; encounters with ill-intentioned people in the woods while camping, break-ins, stalkers, and much more.

I recently listened to an episode called "Room for Rent," which features a story about someone who moves into a new house. Shortly after she settles in, she learns that her new roommates, a mother-daughter pair, are like characters straight out of a horror movie.

What I love about Lets Not Meet is that it's a thrill to listen to without the bleakness of many true crime podcasts. I find it more interesting to listen to stories where the people have made it out of the bad situation and lived to tell the tale. If you like creepy stories, this podcast is definitely worth checking out.