A family cremated their dead cat. Then he showed up at their front door, alive

A family in England asked on Facebook if anyone had seen Frankie, their 16-year-old cat who had gone missing. But a few days later the Fitzsimmons' found their cat dead on the side of a highway. The devastated family cremated the cat, and their heartbroken 7-year-old boy, Remy, even slept near the cat's ashes.

But 22 days later, their cat showed up at their front door, thinner but otherwise healthy. "Is he real?" asked Remy.

From The Animal Rescue Site:

In an interview with Manchester Evening News, Rachel said that they gave the highway agency the description of their cat and the agency confirmed the body was a match.

"They couldn't chip it because it had been decapitated. We live very close to the motorway, so it seemed likely that it was our cat. We went to collect the body, and of course didn't look at it because it was too distressing," Rachel added. …

In the interview, Rachel said, "My husband heard a meow outside and then I heard him shouting. We all ran out and there was Frankie! Remy was crying and asking: 'Is he real?' It was an amazing moment.

Top image by User:Howcheng – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0