Watch: AZ Senator Kyrsten Sinema under attack with two new ads by progressive group

Democrat group Just Democracy is spending nearly $1.5 million on two ads against Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for defending the filibuster and voting against the interests of Arizona democrats.

In one, titled "Thumbs Down," a narrator says, "Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema is failing us." The ad shows Sinema with her thumb down as the ad looks at Sinema's recent record: refusing a $15 minimum wage, not showing up to decide on whether there should be a commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection, and defending the filibuster. "As the GOP tries to silence our voices, she's just standing by, supporting a Jim Crow relic instead. You're refusing to stand with us, Senator Sinema. Why should we stand with you?"

Progressive activists tell Sinema her words are meaningless in the second ad, "Words." The activists say their "right to vote is under attack" and ask why she is standing by, "allowing Republican leaders to threaten our rights." They say she is not on their side, but rather the side of Republicans. "Instead of fighting for us, you're doing their dirty work."

The ads (below) will run online and on cable TV in Arizona from June 21 to June 30.

Thumbs Down: