YouTuber determines the best fat for deep frying chicken

This video is the type of thing that keeps me coming back to Guga Foods youtube channel.

I absolutely love making fried chicken, and fried chicken and waffles benedict is my daughters absolute favorite breakfast, but it takes me days to prepare. Anything that might add even more to the experience is always welcome, and it sure sounds like Guga learned a couple of really interesting things.

Rendered duck fat is my favorite animal fat to cook with and I wasn't surprised by those results, but their reactions tallow and lard were pretty surprising.

I was convinced, starting this video, that crossing mammal fat with avian might not work out.

As I keep wagyu tallow, rendered duck fat and lard in my house for cooking — all three are possible, but I'll try the duck.

I wondered what smoked rendered duck fat would do…Guga?