NYC public school principal busted allegedly trying to release students for summer break a week early

Stacy Goldstein was seemingly trying to put the "pal" back in "principal," at least as students were concerned, by announcing that the public secondary school she presides over, wouldn't hold classes (in-person or remote) during the final scheduled week of the year. Goldstein, principal of the School of the Future, apparently emailed parents that students still had to sign-in so their "attendance" could be counted. Parents were not pleased and the Department of Education put the kibosh on the plan. From the New York Post:

"Our students need to be learning every single day of the school year, and a school communication suggesting otherwise is not acceptable," said DOE spokesperson Danielle Filson. "The Principal is following up with the entire school community to clarify that students will be attending school and receiving instruction until June 25."

School of the Future officials sent out a new guidance after Filson's statement Friday.

"I would like to clarify the schedule for next week," Goldstein wrote. "I apologize for my miscommunication. Next week, we have regular attendance days, meaning that all students are meant to be present whether in person or remote following their usual schedule."