Racist Karen embarrasses friends as she abuses Uber driver: "Go back to Asia"

And yet another entitled passenger abuses an Uber driver, this time a racist Karen who goes by the name of Stella. The driver, from Charlotte, North Carolina, dumps his passengers off at a gas station (where they will have to get another ride) after he says Karen verbally attacked him in the car, cussing him out and calling him a ch*nk . In the video outside the car, the hateful woman is still at it, while her friends look embarrassed.

"Fuck you. I just reported you to 9-1-1," she says. Because of course, that's what all Karens do.

"Stella, stop!" the woman companion says at one point, while the guy friend apologizes more than once to the driver. But as is typical with Karens, embarrassed friends and recording cameras will not stop them – the show must go on. Rather than walk away, as the guy is telling her to do, she stands her ground. "What do you mean? I'm not going to let this [sounds like the N-word but I can't be sure] … this little fuckin' Asian American, no!…" She proceeds to poke at her phone, acting like she's calling the cops.

She then yells – or growls, actually – at the driver. "I'm sorry, go fuck yourself. Go back to Asia."

"Please take her away, before I call 9-1-1," the fed-up driver says. "I work all day, and you guys give me the wrong shit here."