The VentiFresh Eco uses NASA tech to fight your smelliest home odors

In the teeth of another searing summer, it's often tough to avoid … the funk. You know what we mean. From garbage bins to litter boxes to clothes hampers, there are usually some areas of your home or office where the smells tend to linger. And in the summer, with all that heat and stagnant air, the funk rises up and can sometimes take on a life of its own.

And if you thought 16th century Europe smelled bad, just wait 'til you get a load of your cat's pooping after it's been sitting in the cooker of that already pungent box for a while. Fortunately, the VentiFresh Eco takes a next-level approach to the problem of stink, unleashing the same next-generation tools used on the International Space Station to neutralize foul odors in your space before scientifically breaking it down and eliminating it.

The Eco looks like a portable Bluetooth speaker, but this palm-sized cleaner is actually a ruthless odor killer, unleashing a photocatalyst technology that NASA pioneered. Positioned within a foot or two of the source of foul air, the Eco's UV catalyst core does the job, scrubbing the air and breaking down smells and even organic compounds into their base elements, CO2 and water. 

That's unlike regular air purifiers that use filters to trap odors and dirty particles in the air. When the Eco is done, the odor-bearing molecules aren't just stuck in the device — they're eradicated by converting them back to their component parts.

The Eco isn't just a scourge for bad smells either. The UV-C rays also destroy and sterilize any airborne microorganisms, viruses, or other pathogens it encounters, leaving the air in your space clean and free of any impurities.

Plugged into a Micro USB power source, this mini-beast is ready to take on odors anywhere in your home from diaper pails and litter boxes to shoe bins, refrigerators, trash cans, and more.

The VentiFresh Eco Next Generation Odor Eliminator retails for $72, but right now, shoppers can save 30 percent off and get this level of environmental rehab for a price even better than you'll find on Amazon at just $50.

Prices subject to change.