AdGuard is offering five years of VPN protection for just $8 a year

Summer is usually a time for bear cubs in kiddie pools, cats in hammocks, and decapitated swan pool floaties. You know, the fun stuff. We get that staring into the teeth of a blistering summer swelter isn't always the best time for tackling something like shoring up your overall web security approach.

But the reality is that scammers never let up, especially during the summertime with so many people heading in so many different directions. And the lynchpin to any home cyber defense starts with that reliable front line in the personal war on cyberterror: a staunch VPN service.

AdGuard has only been around for a few months, but it's already a name you likely know well. With over 30 million users worldwide, their signature AdGuard ad-blocking software has been an industry leader for years, amassing a 9.5 out of 10 company rating score from over 6,000 customer reviews.

Now, AdGuard VPN is signaling their assertive move into the VPN services game, hosting a robust protection network that throws a cloak of anonymity over all your online activities from banking transactions to shopping to simple web surfing. 

AdGuard VPN includes a server network covering 40 international locations, offering a variety of places from which any member can log in and handle any web tasks virtually undetected. Your VPN protection makes your IP address invisible to those who want to target you for specific ads and content as well as cybercrooks and other online evildoers who want to steal your personal information.

That fast, secure network also helps users circumvent international content restrictions. If you want to watch U.S. streaming services from outside the continental United States, only a VPN like AdGuard can help you get around that problem, as well as see content from the rest of the world shielded from American audiences.

With AdGuard VPN, users can assure up to five devices are protected and able to work simultaneously. And AdGuard VPN also upheld an absolute zero-logging policy so your activities are never tracked or able to be stolen from AdGuard…because they don't exist.

And you won't find a deal like five years of premium AdGuard VPN coverage on Amazon either. Right now, you can even get 60 months of protection at almost 90 percent off the regular price, down to only $39.99. Now that's a deal you won't find on Amazon!

Prices subject to change.