Excellent auditory illusion: "Bart Simpson bouncing" or "lactating piracy?"

Depending on which phrase you are looking at, the chanting in this TikTok can be heard as "Bart Simpson bouncing," "rotating pirate ship," "that isn't my receipt," "lobsters in motion," "lactating pirate ship," "that is embarrassing," "lactates In pharmacy," "I'm chasing Martian," "baptism piracy," or "that isn't mercy."

Snopes has the scoop:

Headlines from around the internet claimed that people were "divided" over what was actually being said. One read: "Baffling Audio Illusion Divides Opinion Online." Another said: "People Divided Over What's Being Said In Bizarre Audio Illusion."

This might remind some readers of the perceived audio of "laurel" and "yanny." The origins of the audio showed that "laurel" was the real word being spoken.

Similarly, there was the debacle over "the dress," when a single photograph of a garment led to a lot of discussion over the colors seen in the picture. Some people believed they saw it as blue and black. Others saw white and gold. However, the photograph was a separate discussion from the reality of "the dress." If readers had a chance to hold it in their hands, it was blue and black.

Luckily, no opinion is needed about the chanting sounds either.

Reddit users pointed to what appeared to be the true origins of the phrase.

The chanting crowd is saying the words "that is embarrassing." The phrase is a football chant from Derby County F.C. in Derbyshire, England.