Redneck Rave results in meth busts, strangulation, impalement, throat-slashing, severed finger, and other ol' fashioned fun

Over five days last week in the small Kentucky town of Edmondson, the Redneck Rave—organized by Justin Time (the country rapper, not the cartoon character) and described as "America's wildest and craziest country party"—delivered plenty of "mud, music and mayhem," including meth busts, strangulation, impalement, a slashed throat, severed finger, car accidents, and plenty of alcohol and other drug-related charges. From the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Sheriff Shane Doyle knew the event would cause problems for his staff after similar gatherings last year "overwhelmed" his personnel. More planning by the event hosts meant more people showing up. Doyle had to plan more, too.

He gathered a month beforehand with local emergency management officials, law enforcement partners, firefighters and emergency medical services to find out how to best handle what was promoted as the "biggest country party you'll ever go to." He put his deputies on mandatory overtime and enlisted the help of his volunteer deputies.

Doyle said he didn't have enough personnel to go into the park and shut down all illegal activity. The plan instead was to contain it.