Save $50 on the Hermosa Electric Longboard, one of the most affordable options around

Des Moines, Iowa just welcomed a store dedicated in no small part to consumers of the electric skateboard phenomenon. It's one thing when a shop focused on the hobby intricacies of motorized, hyper-efficient electric skateboards pops up in Santa Monica or New York. But when the interest has risen to necessitate a storefront smack in the middle of America's heartland, you know this trend is kicking up in a big way.

Where once the simple skateboard scooted through, now modern audiences are looking for a board that can not only shred like the old days but actually serves as realistic transportation for short hops around town. If it's been too long since you enjoyed the thrill of life as a skateboarder, the Hermosa Electric Longboard will serve as a pointed reminder of how cool it was … and still can be.

The Hermosa was created by Venice Longboards, offering a blend of on-road and off-road functionality while standing out as one of the most affordable electric skateboards around. First things first — the Hermosa is no toy. Powering this craft is a 350W brushless DC motor, generating enough oomph from the 26-volt battery to fire this baby up to nearly 13 MPH as it travels almost 10 miles on a single charge.

And when you look at the features, you might be inclined to think you're looking at a car with the Hermosa's talk of an integrated braking system, 6" wheels, a coaxial reduction gearbox, and a dynamic speed detection system that will keep riders zipping right along.

The whole package sits on top of a board crafted from sturdy maple wood for increased stability and cornering ability. But while the Hermosa serves up all the electric longboard greatness that veterans can handle, it also runs with best-in-class heat dissipation technology that helps make it easy for new riders to hop on and get the hang of skateboarding. 

It'll even handle some of the big jobs for you, able to generate enough force to surge itself up a relatively steep 30-degree incline.

The Hermosa Electric Longboard retails for $450, but right now, you can pick one up for more than 10 percent off, down to just $399.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.