Save over 15% on this fruit infusion water bottle that keeps drinks chill all day long

You might think that drinking water from a reusable bottle instead of constantly throwing away those plastic water bottles is your good deed to help the environment. While that's absolutely true, there are ways to do even more to not only help strike a blow for a more ecologically sound world but a safer one for all of its citizens as well.

Sure, Coca-Cola may be developing a paper bottle right now, but here in 2021, there are some concrete steps any water drinker (i.e., everybody) can take to both stay hydrated and give back. You can do both with an Oasis Fruit Infusion Water Flask from Grosche, which is now on sale at $32.95, a price even better than you'll find on Amazon.

Made from highest grade 18.8 stainless steel, this BPA and lead-free 22 oz. bottle is double-walled and vacuum insulated with an additional copper coating inside, all in service of making sure your water stays cold all day long. Whether you're working out, doing yoga, or out in the great outdoors, this bottle handles everyday general use as well as the rigors of life out in the world.

The widemouth can take ice cubes for some extra chill, while the durable matte powder-coated finish, easy leak-proof sip lid, and silicone band for a more comfortable grip work together to make for a premium bottle that'll end up in hand a lot more often than you might think. 

Also inside is a built-in stainless steel strainer, so users can add fruits, berries, herbs and more directly into the flask. Once the strainer is added to the water, the infusion gets started, offering water with a little extra flavor throughout the day.

While those features alone make it a worthy purchase, you can also feel good about picking up this infusion bottle thanks to Grosche's Safe Water Project. Each bottle is etched with its own code and a link. Enter your bottle's code at the link online and you'll see the location and the actual family that is receiving over 50 days of safe water as a result of your Oasis purchase.  

The Oasis Fruit Infusion Water Flask retails for $39, but right now, it's on sale at 17 percent off, down to just $32.95.

Prices subject to change.