Sexy Beasts – new Netflix dating show where the contestants wear elaborate makeup and prosthetics

It's the ultimate blind date. In Sexy Beasts, a new reality series premiering on Netflix on July 21, contestants are covered in science fiction makeup and prosthetics to hide what they look like. Even better — Rob Delany narrates!


From Variety:

Each episode will feature a new single who's looking for love based purely on personality. They select from among three potential love matches, all of whom are in full prosthetic makeup. The rub, however, is that the single will see the real face of their chosen match only after they've made their final decision, based entirely on their personality.

Over the two seasons, 48 unique makeup designs were created, with each designed especially for the show's contributors by prosthetic artist Kristyan Mallet, a leading FX artist who has worked on everything from "Mission Impossible" to "The Theory of Everything."