What lies at the bottom of Yemen's mysterious Well of Hell?

In eastern Yemen there is a hole in the ground known as the Well of Barhout, aka the "Well of Hell." Located in the Hadhramaut region, the hole is 30 meters wide and estimated to be 100 to 250 meters deep although it apparently has never been definitively measured or explored even with a camera probe. According to local reports, the Well of Hell is a prison for demons as indicated by the horrible stench emanating from it.

"We have gone to visit the area and entered the well, reaching more than 50-60 metres down into it," says Salah Babhair, head of the governorate's geological survey and mineral resources authority. "We noticed strange things inside. We also smelled something strange … It's a mysterious situation."

From News.com.au:

Sunlight doesn't extend far into the structure, and little can be seen from the edge except the birds that fly in and out of its depths.

Videographers seeking close-ups of the inside of the well have said they are almost impossible to capture — local superstition has it that objects near the hole can be sucked towards it[…]

Many local residents remain uneasy about visiting the vast hole, or even talking about it, for fear of ill fortune from a chasm which, legend has it, threatens life on Earth itself.