Yamaha's first smart soundbar will elevate your TV and film viewing, and it's $50 off

Advances in technology always bring innovations over time. And those changes come from everybody, even a worldwide manufacturing titan like Yamaha.

Last year, the Japanese firm known for its long history of audio components and speakers became the latest company to incorporate smart speaker technology into its products. That led to the unveiling of the Yamaha ATS-2090, a soundbar that comes with Amazon Alexa functionality built right in. Right now, this speaker is on sale at $50 off the regular price, dropping the price to just $299.99.

As a Yamaha speaker, you're already likely prepped for the type of audio performance this soundbar delivers. A CNET Editors' Choice pick last December, they said the ATS-2090 "delivers excellent sound quality, whether it's playing music or movies, along with the convenience of Alexa."

The bar comes packing 200 watts of power on top of Yamaha's own DTS Virtual X virtual 3D surround sound technology, which actually creates the sensation of 3D sound with actual height without using in‑ceiling or upward-firing speakers. It creates an envelopment effect from your favorite movie or TV shows, including a Clear Voice feature that pushes the dialogue front and center in the audio mix so you never miss a word, even in the midst of a chaotic action sequence. That's all in conjunction with the wireless subwoofer that serves up a deep bass, no matter where in the room you place it.

But in case you only thought a soundbar could serve up audio from your film and TV picks, the ATS-2090 makes use of those new smart speaker powers with built-in Alexa voice control included as well. Not only can you turn your bar off and on and control volume with your voice alone, but it's also got all the functionality of a full-service Alexa. Users can ask for news and weather reports, fun facts, important questions, or just ask Alexa to play a song. This bar makes your music sound a whole lot better than the standard-issue tiny Alexa speakers.

With easy set up via HDMI or optical cable, shoppers can get the Yamaha ATS-2090 36" SoundBar and Wireless Subwoofer now for $50 off the regular price. Retailing for $349, it's available now for a limited time for just $299.99.

Prices subject to change.