This color projector is part lamp, part art installation, and completely cool to jazz up your home

There are a handful of ways to both subtly and radically change the look and feel of a room. But few of those methods are as instantly impactful and vibe-altering as simply changing the lighting. 

And while you can shift the mood by changing from a harsher white to a softer yellow glow, we're talking something with a little more oomph here. Like, how about a blistering yellow sun radiating like a giant mural across an open wall? The Shadow Lamp Color Projector is part light, part art, and an all-around attention-grabbing way to shake up the entire tone of your living space. 

The lamp itself is pretty unassuming (assuming it wasn't owned by Aladdin), standing over 5.5 feet and looking like a standard reading lamp. In fact, you barely even know it's there. Until you fire it up — and then, you immediately know this is no ordinary lamp. The color projector is made from anodized aluminum carved from a solid plate, integrated with a high-powered LED and a sophisticated optical system for an explosive image that bursts across a wall or casts a distinctive sheen over your art or other hanging fixtures.

That precision design achieves a pretty stellar effect, which you can adjust for size and position to strike just the shroud of color or shade over your space. Meanwhile, the LED bulb is rated to last up to 50,000 hours of use, so users can look forward to years of unique lighting effects and odd glances from visitors ahead.

The Shadow Lamp comes in a pair of strikingly idiosyncratic versions. You can pick up the sunburst effect lamp with its shimmering mix of yellows, oranges, and a center of deep burning red. Or you can chill a bit more with the halo lamp variety, a comingling of crimson reds, purples, and a focal hub of soothing blue.

Right now, both varieties of the Shadow Lamp Color Projector are ready to storm in and juice up your home for almost 40 percent off its regular price, on sale now at just $124.99.

Prices subject to change.