This roll-up travel bag was called the "greatest suitcase of all time," and it's just $35

With a world full of travel options starting to reopen as we speak, is it still really worth it to tote around a big, bulky suitcase or carry-on bag for getting all of your important stuff from Point A to Point B? Especially if there's an option that might just serve you better?

Of course, you'll be the judge of whether the Rolo Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag is for you. But when InStyle Magazine noisily shouts that the Rolo might be "the greatest suitcase of all time," it might be worth at least a serious look from all those travel-ready road warriors out there.

An ingenious travel solution for those who want to travel light whether they're flying or hitting the rails, the Rolo is part compression bag, part suitcase, part wardrobe, and part organizer, all stacked into a frame that's only a foot and a half across and just 4 inches wide, even when full.

Built for the rigors of the road, this roll-up bag is crafted from high-quality materials and lightweight construction, including a waterproof, PVC-coated ballistic nylon fabric shell, military-grade nylon mesh zipper pockets, high-performance buckles and zippers, and a fiber-reinforced support bar for keeping everything in its right place, reinforcing Rolo when it hangs and compressing clothes when rolled.

It's got two larger compartments for jeans, shirts, and other big clothes, as well as a pair of smaller compartments to hold extras like toiletries. Altogether, it holds about four days' worth of clothes and accessories, can hang virtually anywhere for easy access, and slings across your back as a compact, effortless bag that has none of the cumbersome aspects of a full-sized suitcase.

On top of trying out something this cool and unique, the Rolo Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag is now also 30 percent off, a $49 value now on sale for just $34.99.

Prices subject to change.