Apollo Neuro doesn't just lower your stress. It teaches your body to do it on its own.

No one wants to talk about it, but as the U.S. and the rest of the world are turning the corner on a worldwide pandemic, another ballooning healthcare crisis has taken shape. After an entire year of physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual upheaval, the effects of the COVID pandemic have exacted a heavy toll on long-term physical and mental health. 

According to a February Harris Poll, over 60 percent of Americans weren't happy about weight changes since the start of the pandemic. More than two in three said their sleeping patterns have been disrupted. Nearly half have delayed or canceled health care appointments, and almost half say they're dealing with more stress in their lives than before COVID.

The past year has ratcheted an already overtaxed, overwhelmed society to new heights of fear, anxiety, upset, and elevated stress. Against that backdrop, it's never been more important for everyone to take their health more seriously than ever, taking active steps to combat the effects of chronic stress.

While it's important to know when your stress levels are elevated, that's where many stress monitoring devices stop. Apollo Neuro is different. This stress relief wearable doesn't track your biometrics, it actually improves them. Apollo Neuro retrains the nervous system to better combat the effects of elevated stress and quells feelings of being overwhelmed, distracted, irritable, or unable to sleep.

Apollo Neuro was created by neuroscientist and trauma-informed psychiatrist Dr. David Rabin, PhD, who discovered that not only could low frequency inaudible sound waves change how a person reacts to stress, but that those changes could actually be measured in near real-time.

The result of this work was Apollo Neuro, a non-invasive stress relief wearable that helps your body recover from stress. Apollo can help you find focus, sleep better, stay calm, and recover faster after physical and emotional stress. Worn around the ankle or wrist, Apollo engages with your sense of touch to strengthen and rebalance the nervous system, helping your body go from "fight or flight" to "rest and digest". Apollo's technology delivers silent waves of vibration that tell your body that you're safe and in control, so you can relax, calm down, fall asleep, and be productive.

Scientifically proven to improve heart rate variability (HRV), a key indicator of stress resilience, the waves read to the body like a soothing gentle touch. So if you've ever taken comfort in a hug during a stressful moment, then you understand the calming effect Apollo Neuro offers.

While that relaxation is remarkably helpful in moments of heightened stress, possibly the greatest impact of Apollo Neuro is in its long-term impact on your nervous system, training it to bounce back more quickly and feel a greater sense of calm and control as you encounter stress throughout your day. 

The more you use Apollo Neuro, the better it works, eventually recalibrating your body to better handle stress through its own natural processes. Apollo Neuro points the way to a more centered and less stressed you.

If you're ready to take control of your mental health and invest in a safe, non-invasive solution, Apollo Neuro is offering an exclusive 10% discount for a limited time. With a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, it's the perfect time to get to know a calmer, more mindful version of yourself. 

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