"During the arrest his health deteriorated" – activist dies after police beating

Nizar Banat, a well-known Palestinian critic of the Palestinian Authority's leadership, died Friday after being beaten and detained by its security forces. "During the arrest his health deteriorated" was how Hebron Governor Jamil al-Bakri put it, a world-class example of authorities using the exonerative tense.

Mr Banat's cousin Ammar told Middle East Eye that about 25 PA security personnel raided his house at about 03:30 (00:30 GMT) on Thursday. He alleged that officers stormed into the room where Mr Banat was sleeping, sprayed him with pepper spray and then began beating him with iron bars and wooden batons. They later dragged Mr Banat from the room, stripped him of his clothes and took him away in a vehicle, he added.

All politics may be local, but cop talk is the same the world over.