LEGO's ultra-modern take on Lady Liberty is pretty darn cool

I am seriously enamored with this LEGO Architecture series Statue of Liberty.

If I didn't have a ban on displaying new LEGO sets, this one would end up in the house. It might still. Lately, however I have gifted every set to my LEGO maniac nephew. My brother has had to find new places to store all the LEGO.

Representing a high point in the United States' friendship with France, Auguste Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty has inspired many, including this super modern take in LEGO. While considered in polite circles a symbol of the United States open and welcoming attitude towards immigrants, the 1885 version has seen the US of A present many a face to aspiring citizens, almost all of them sharing the common theme of racism.

This LEGO tho is lovely and at 1685 pieces, quite a project.

LEGO-Lady Liberty also looks ready to throw down, like a Pacific Rim Jaeger.

LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty 21042 Building Kit (1685 Pieces) via Amazon