Los Angeles' famed "Blue Jay Way" sees gunplay

Sadly, the street that inspired the Beatles' song of the same name, Blue Jay Way, played host to a small gun battle after a street robbery went wrong.

One suspected robber is dead, and the 60 year-old who shot him is also in bad shape. Guns are not good.


One of those suspects died from his wounds, according to police. The other was stable.

The man in his 60s was listed in critical condition, Lee said. The remaining victims were stable.

None of the suspects or victims were immediately identified.

The multimillion-dollar home where the shooting happened is the residence of 39-year-old Nova Fashion CEO Richard Saghian, according to property records. A company representative could not be immediately reached for comment on Friday.

The neighborhood is also known locally as "The Bird Streets," with nearby blocks such as Skylark Lane, Oriole Lane, Oriole Way and Tanager Way.

Blue Jay Way was also inspiration for a Beatles song of the same name, penned by George Harrison for the "Magical Mystery Tour" album.