"Most Idahoans not wearing masks are unvaccinated. "

Just stopping here to point out that Israel has seen enough Pfizer vaccinated folks getting the delta variant of COVID-19 that masks are again required indoors.

The Idaho Capital Sun, however reports that unvaccinated folks in Idaho are murderous:

4. It's true. Most Idahoans not wearing masks are unvaccinated.

The survey confirmed a theory that has circulated since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in mid-May that people no longer need to wear masks if they've been vaccinated. The survey was conducted a few weeks later.

The theory: that most people not wearing masks are, ironically, not vaccinated.

According to the survey, about 58% of unvaccinated Idahoans had stopped wearing masks by early June, including in places like grocery stores.

Among the Idahoans most resistant to ever getting a vaccine, 78% had stopped wearing masks anywhere, the survey found.

Thanks, Dave!