Pro-Trump terrorists who tried to run Biden campaign bus off the road are being sued under an anti-KKK act

The drivers of trucks adorned with Trump flags and Confederate flags who tried to force a Biden campaign bus off a Texas freeway in October are being sued under an anti-KKK act, reports The Washington Post.

Some prominent Republicans cheered the effort by the self-proclaimed "Trump Train," while President Donald Trump himself lauded their efforts, calling the drivers "patriots" who "did nothing wrong."

Now, Holloway — along with a White House staffer, a formerTexaslawmaker and a campaign volunteer — are suing several members of the caravan, accusing them of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, which bars violent election intimidation, as well as local Texas laws. The group is also suing local law enforcement, claiming they failed to provide protection.

"Those on the bus feared injury or for their lives. All suffered lingering trauma in the days and months thereafter," says one of a pair of federal lawsuits filed to the Western District of Texas court on Thursday. "The events of October 30 arose from a campaign of politically motivated intimidation."