Adorable alien web comic "Strange Planet" being adapted into a new Dan Harmon TV show

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Nathan Pyle's popular webcomic Strange Planet is being adapted into a new 10-episode animated series, co-created by Dan Harmon, the man behind Rick & Morty and the seasons of Community that actually count. There's no release date announced yet, but the show will air on Apple TV+ and involve the same animation studio that did Bojack Horseman.

Pyle began posting his Strange Planet February 2019; with months he had already amassed over a million followers (a crowd which has grown even more substantially since then). You've probably seen them — adorable blue aliens with big round heads, doing incredible mundane human things, and commenting them with just enough distance and a thesaurus touch to make these everyday events seem hilariously bizarre and, well, alien. They're absolutely delightful, and I'm sure Harmon can bring some unique charm to their wholesomeness.

Dan Harmon, Nathan Pyle Team for 'Strange Planet' Series at Apple [Lesley Goldberg / The Hollywood Reporter]