Adorable Divoom pixel art speaker surprisingly solid and "incredible fun"

I ordered the Divoom pixel art speaker [Amazon] on the strength of Cheyenne MacDonald's fascinating slideshow review for Input: "I tried the speaker all the UwU girls have and fell in love." It's a retro-themed bluetooth speaker with a programmable 16×16 LED display and a six-key mechanical keyboard that comes in six mostly-adorable colors, and it's to be found all over teen Instagram and Tik Tok. And now it is mine.

As it turns out, this little speaker is loud. Like, loud loud for something of its stature, arguably sitting on par with my go-to tiny powerhouse, the Bose Soundlink Micro.

The sound it produces is surprisingly rich, too, not suffering from any of the tinniness you tend to get with more gimmicky small speakers. I initially feared Ditoo might end up falling into that latter category, but I was so wrong.

It truly is a speaker first and an adorable countertop piece second, not the other way around.

"UwU girls are always right," concludes MacDonald.

Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Gaming Portable Bluetooth Speaker with App Controlled 16X16 LED Front Panel [Amazon]