Here's one great way to prank a phone scammer!

Instead of fuming over a spam call, TikToker (and prankster!) Jeannette Reyes, who is also a television news anchor for a local Fox station in Washington D.C., decided to turn it into an entertaining prank call.

"I'm sick of them, so let's have a little fun," she says to the camera before answering her phone. The gentleman on the other end tries to scam her by telling her there's a warrant for her arrest "due to an outstanding balance of your account of $2, 792.33."

Reyes plays along – at first – and asks if she can pay it off right now. To which, of course, he says yes, with a credit or debit card. But after confirming her name and starting to give him her "card" number ("3-2-1…"), she suddenly turns the tables.

"Good evening!" she says to the scammer, switching from her everyday voice to her anchor voice. "We are live on television right now with an investigation into scam callers. We have the FBI on the line. They are tracking this phone number as we speak. Sir, what is your full name again?"

And the phone goes dead. Mission accomplished.