Marjorie Taylor Greene insists the FBI prove they didn't plan the insurrection

Oh the Q-Nuts! MTG of course took the opportunity to chat with CNN's Jim Acosta about the January 6th Moron Rebellion.

Greene repeatedly insists that President Trump had nothing to do with the people she identifies as wearing "red hats and Trump clothes" who also understood they were acting under President Trump's orders and fulfilling his deepest wishes, as they disrupted Congress resulting in several deaths, both of Capitol police and fellow insurrectionists.

She is sure, however, the FBI had something to do with it. Maybe an informant! She doesn't know! She thinks the FBI should prove they didn't do what she says they did even tho she can't tell us what that is.

Only the politicians seem to have escaped unscathed.

Additionally, MTG welcomes the opportunity to investigate the insurrection and hopes Speaker Pelosi will appoint her to the January 6th committee.