Zelazny's 'Jack of Shadows' is some dark stuff

Serialized in the early 70s and published in book form, Roger Zelazny's Jack of Shadows was a favorite early sci-fi read. This 're-discovered classic' was a joy to e-read.

Zelazny's Amber series is one of the first science fiction series I can remember falling in love with as a young reader. I immediately sought out more stories from the same author; Jack of Shadows is some of his most interesting work.

Jack is the archetypical thief in a world of archetypes. While there is light and dark, this world seems to have no good in it. The hero is no hero, and the only nice person may be an embittered old crone. Jack of Shadows is really a story about how you can do your best and still have 'done no good,' even when you do 'right' in the end.

I love the world building and detail that sadly went into a story where it is all necessarily destroyed.

Jack of Shadows (Rediscovered Classics Book 23) via Amazon