Australian woman wakes up from surgery with an Irish accent

In what could be used as a Matthew McConaughy or Sandra Bullock rom-com plot, Angie Yen woke up from tonsil surgery with an Irish accent, even though she lives in Brisbane, Australia (they have Australian accents there) and has never traveled to Ireland in her life.

via Newstalk:

"I was getting ready for a job interview and I was just singing in the shower which I normally do and all these words were coming out; all the sounds I had never heard of before.

"I was panicking. I was in so much shock. I thought I was having a Freaky Friday moment; that I had woken up in the wrong body.

"I had to call one of my friends just to confirm and check whether I was talking in this funny way or my brain had gone crazy. They have travelled all over the world and they said why do you sound Irish? Why do you sound like the guys from my cross-fit?"

Foreign Accent Syndrome is an actual condition, but is very rare and generally occurs with individuals who have experienced some kind of head trauma or psychological damage. The thought had crossed my mind that this might be someone making up a condition to get attention, but what the hell do I know? I'm not there. I don't know her. And, I'm not a doctor. I'll take her at her word. It's far more interesting to vocally go from Crocodile Dundee to the Lucky Charms leprechaun anyway. Plus, she interviewed for a job with that Irish accent, for God's sake! Yeah, she's not making it up.