"Britain A Prophecy" Is A New Urban Fantasy in the tradition of 80s/90s Vertigo Books

DC Comics' Vertigo imprint was a breeding ground for some radical work in the 80s and early 90s, particularly at the hands of British writers like Alan Moore and Grant Morrison; in fact, writer Elizabeth Sandifer has even been chronicling the epic fantasy battle between those two rival magicians in her ongoing prose series Last War in Albion.

Now Sandifer has teamed up with artist Penn Wiggins to create Britain A Prophecy, a new Vertigo-style dark fantasy comic set in 1980s Britain. With faeries, of course.

Here's the official synopsis:

Long ago, a King of Britain made a bargain with the fae: one in ten thousand of his subjects would be switched at birth with faeries, who would enter the mortal realm and guide the Story of Britain to greatness.

It is the 11th of June, 1987. Margaret Thatcher is about to sweep to a third term as Prime Minister.
The deal stands to this day.The story begins when Terrence Fitzwilliams, a fae social worker in Manchester, is tasked with tracking down a wayward teenager named Taz, and the two of them find themselves confronting a staggering plot that will shake the country to its core. 

Sandifer and Wiggins have turned to Patreon to raise money for their endeavor, including a chance to pay their other contributors including a colorist and editor (Bob Proehl, of The Nobody People fame). As Sandifer pointed out in a Twitter thread, it's particularly difficult for trans artists to make the leap into comics (let alone anything else), and they're hoping that Britain a Prophecy could be their big break.

Britain A Prophecy [Patreon]