First look at Honda's 2020 Super Cub motorcycle/scooter

Honda recently unveiled the 2020 edition of the venerable Super Cub, which occupies the blurry dividing line between scooters and motorcycles.

From Core77:

While Super Cubs are common sights in Europe or Asia, Americans are probably unfamiliar with the model. Here's what the 2022 Super Cub, just unveiled by Honda, features: LED lights, keyless ignition, a new pillion seat with pegs, a 125cc engine putting out 9.7 horsepower. The mileage is an insane 188.4 MPG. The fuel tank, by the way, won't even hold a full gallon; the capacity is 3.7 liters (0.98 gallons). A full tank is good for around 150 miles of travel.

Honestly, it looks just like the 2021 edition, which has a base price of $3,749: