The Aeva hydroponic grow system is holistic, eco-friendly, classy, and artistic all at once

For centuries, humans have grown food under one basic principle: so long as the ground is fertile, we can produce and thrive. The viability of soil for growing food crops and other basic necessities is universal and has guided choices about where people should settle, which communities grew and which were abandoned, and set the boundaries on whole economies for entire regions.

However, the world demands production, and it sometimes demands those results in often less than ideal growing conditions or with inadequate resources like limited water usage. Luckily, modern technology has shown that we don't necessarily need vast plots of rich soil for sustainable growth, and the Aeva is one such example. 

The Aeva is hydroponic gardening and vertical farming that brings soil-free growing right into your home. In fact, the Aeva not only lets users grow easily in any kind of home, but it's also beautiful, educational, and as an unusual piece of home decor, its own form of modern art.

Easy to maintain and requiring no special gardening skills, the Aeva almost just looks like a piece of furniture in a living room, kitchen, or den. This crafted red mahogany cabinet with a solid wood frame and chrome legs stands just under 6 feet tall, measures about three feet across, and only weighs less than 70 lbs. Just plug the whole garden in, add seed pods to the plant holes, and users can start growing up to 16 plants at once, each yielding upwards of 10 lbs. of produce each month.

There's no soil involved in the Aeva grow process, and the whole system uses 95 percent less water than traditional growing methods. You literally only have to water these plants every two weeks to produce fantastic results. Unused water goes back through the system, offering the plants a constant flow of water and nutrients. 

Mess-free, cost-effective, and without a need for any pesticides, the Aeva app helps users keep an eye on their growth. Meanwhile, the whole garden serves as a living art piece with LED white lights that fit any room decor, while even offering extra storage space for more than just plants. 

Grow your own produce and look exceptionally good doing it with the Aeva hydroponic gardening system. Normally a $1,199 investment in clean living, the Aeva is now $100 off at just $1,099.99.

Prices subject to change.