The Aqualite combines a solar lantern, power bank, water purifier, and more for $23

If you're a sucker for cool, Swiss Army knife-style items that can handle a half-dozen different functions with equal brilliance and efficiency, here's a new outdoor curio that definitely should join your EDC collection.

The Aqualite looks like a water jug. And in the spirit of transparency, it is a water jug. However, the Aqualite is also a whole lot more than just a way to carry your liquids. While it's a great little water bottle, this collapsible silicone rubber utility player has a laundry list of abilities, also serving as a solar-powered lantern, a power bank, and a handy emergency kit carrying several important lifesavers you might need during your outdoor adventures.

Water is important anytime, so the Aqualite always has users covered with up to 22 oz. of flexible, durable water storage during hiking, camping, boating, cycling, and more. But even if you don't need a drink, the Aqualite is always ready to step up. Powered by a solar panel, the Aqualite can serve as a light-throwing lantern with multiple modes, capable of brightening up a campsite, flashing out an SOS signal during an emergency, or serving as a solid flashlight when you unscrew the lid.

However, all that solar power doesn't have to go to producing light. It also goes into the 2,000mAh internal battery to serve as a great emergency power stockpile, easily able to charge up a smartphone or tablet whenever needed.

If you should run into trouble out there during your travels, the Aqualite can help there too. The onboard personal emergency kit contains some of the absolute essentials users might need during a long excursion of an unexpected emergency. The kit contains a flint and steel fire starter, an emergency whistle, alcohol and sting relief pads, bandages, and more. There's even a convenient carabiner to clip the Aqualite in place to a bag or belt loop during your journey.

Oh yeah, and don't forget about the secret water purification straw too for creating your own instant clean refreshment. It may not be Operation, but it's pretty helpful too.

Retailing for $34, the Aqualite is not only on sale, but you can also save an extra $7 off the price when you use the code SAFETY during checkout. That lowers your final cost down to just $22.99.

Prices subject to change.