Watch: Racist man threatens to call immigration on workers

A racist man lashed out at California workers, furious that they were making noise while doing construction work. "Do you want the immigration service to come out here?" he threatened, after seemingly suggesting they don't pay taxes. "Show me your IDs! Show me your IDs!"

One of the workers asked who he was, which further triggered the man – as well as his index finger, which began to point and wag. "I'm the frigging person living behind, listening to this atrocious noise coming into my house. Yeah, you're screwed up!"

The worker tried to say something else but the toxic man interrupted. "Okay, immigration, yeah."

The male Karen finally turned away in a huff, but he just couldn't leave it alone. "You're going to have immigration out here!" he shouted, as if they didn't hear him the first time. Or the second time. And then his last feeble parting shot: "Dumbass."