Eric Trump says he won't be indicted because "guess what, we've always lived amazingly clean lives"

Newsmax host Eric Bolling asked Eric Trump if he was concerned that he could be indicted for committing crimes as a member of the Trump Organization. Eric Trump's indignant response included three assertions that he and his family live "clean lives" and repeated attempts to change the topic to Hunter Biden.

Here's Eric's reply:

You know what? I'm not Eric, because guess what, you know, we've always lived amazingly clean lives and believe me if they could have they already would have, right? I mean, that's what they wanted. That was their end goal. You know, the difference is I'm not Hunter Biden, I'm not selling paintings to undisclosed people for half a million dollars apiece. I'm not doing, you know, drugs in in in shady hotels. I'm not going out and soliciting prostitution, and I'm not going out and, you know, selling influence the Ukraine and China and having lavish trips paid for while, you know, my father is Commander in Chief. No, I'm not doing that. Do you know what we do? Don, Ivanka, and I live really, really, you know, nice, clean lives and we work very, very hard. And guess what? Long before politics ever came into, you know, our lives, we were in the business world, and we were successful, and we worked very hard and we lived clean lives, and it's very different than the Bidens that were never in business until their father actually got into politics and, and they've milked it for everything it's worth and they still do it to this day. And, you know, Eric, where is the DA there? You know, when you have text messages of prostitutes and hard drugs and money laundering and all these other things that are on Hunter Biden's laptop that had been reported, you know, apparently reported so many different times. Where, where's the district attorney, and where's the attorney general and do the scales of justice only go one way…

If you define clean living as shifting children's cancer charity money into your family business, then Eric has a point!

[image: By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0]