This $120 drone-operated 4K camera flies like a champ and snaps majestic pics

Do you know how much money Hollywood productions used to layout just to get some basic footage of sweeping aerial shots over a certain area? Well, we don't know either, but without itemized budgets from studios to check it against, we can guess it cost a heck of a lot.

Just the cost of hiring a plane, sending up a photographer, and getting some great pictures was a giant expense. Now, all it takes is to send up a small drone with a quality camera, and literally anyone can capture magical images worthy of a $100 million blockbuster.

On top of that, quality drones that used to cost hundreds are now plentiful and on sale for remarkably low prices. Crafts like the Stealth Dragon 240 Headless FPV Drone can not only satisfy drone pilots with their aerial precision but take care of the needs of image and video curators, all at an incredibly shrinking price.

The 240 is the definition of where drone technology has moved in the past few years — a nimble, compact craft that can flit through the air like a bumblebee and shot widescreen images that look like a David Lean film.

This headless quadcopter can get into the air with almost no orientation time, sporting an adjustable gyro sensitivity that makes it amazingly responsive and capable of some serious aerobatics. But for those who don't need to flip 360-degree barrel rolls and loop-the-loops, the 240 also comes with an altitude hold mode that helps keep it absolutely stable in the air. And there's a one-button return feature that will send the drone zipping back to its launch point with a single button press.

It's impossible to say enough about the kind of images you can capture with a 4K camera onboard. Sync it to a smartphone or tablet and pilots can see real-time images of stunning 4K views, all right through the WiFi-enabled app.

Right now, the Stealth Dragon 240 Headless FPV Drone is also a major steal at 40 percent off its regular price, down to just $119.99.

Prices subject to change