Two Los Angeles city council people spent the night at a new Tiny Home village

Tiny homes, most commonly in Los Angeles the Pallet Shelter models, have proven to be an easy to deploy housing solution that appears to be appreciated and used by fellow citizens experiencing difficulty finding and securing a permanent home.

Just before a new village was about to open two LA city council people spent the night there, to have the experience, sort-of.


"I'm excited about today, tonight to get that first-hand experience, what it's like to live … I know it's a different experience — for me it's one day out of my life, for other folks it's that transition, but it will give me a taste," Blumenfield said.

Leaders hope the 64-square-foot houses give the homeless somewhere to stay off the street.

"You can't even compare it to sleeping in a tent on cement concrete or asphalt in the park, in an alleyway on the street or even in your car," De León said.

The houses themselves are pre-fabricated and can be set up quickly. There are two beds in every house with electrical outlets and Wi-Fi.

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