You can buy the ruins of a haunted Scottish village for just $173,000

Located on Loch Tay in Scotland's Central Highlands, the Old Village of Lawers—abandoned since 1926— is for sale for just £125,000 ($172,859). The three-acre property includes the ruins of the village's 17th century structures including the original Lady of Lawers' home , a mill, a private beach, fishing rights, and a ghost. From the property brochure (PDF):

The Lady of Lawers is remembered for various prophecies, a number of which appear to have come

When she referred to 'fire-coaches' crossing the Drumochter Pass, she is said to have predicted the
coming of the railway. She is alleged to have planted an ash tree at the northern end of the church,
stating that when it grew to the height of the little spire, the church would fall. In fact, the church was
so badly damaged in a thunderstorm, in which the ash tree perished, that it was never used again. "A
ship driven by smoke will sink in Loch Tay with great loss of life" she said, long before the construction
of steamships. More poetically, she said "A mill will be on every streamlet; a plough in every boy's
hand; the two sides of Loch Tay in kale gardens; the sheep's skull will make the plough useless and
the goose's feathers drive their memories from men.". Perhaps unsurprisingly, the site is said to be
haunted to this day by a female; presumably the Lady!