Want to ride a penny-farthing? You'll need a top hat!

This may be peak hipster, but damn if I don't love it.

As I was selling off two of my older bicycles, having realized I will never need a mountain bike or a long distance road bike again, and was amazed by the speed with which folks responded to the mountain bike listing, I started to wonder what I'd replace them with if I didn't already have a great town/beach bike with a big ol' basket for running errands, and a clown horn for telling folks to get the fuck out of my way?

A penny-farthing came to mind.

Then I said, "Fuck that must be impossible to turn."

Youtube proves me wrong! This gent became proficient very quickly, making me think that regular bike riding skills and less fear about jumping the hell up there would make it even faster!

My reluctance to further consider the penny-farthing is based on its size and my lack of an appropriate place to store it without fear of theft and vandalism.

I also lack an adorable accent.