Hamilton's Pharmacopeia is a docu-series about psychoactive substances

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia is a docu-series about psychoactive substances. The show is created, written, and directed by Hamilton Morris (son of the acclaimed documentarian, Errol Morris). In each episode, Morris travels around the world and studies the chemistry, history, and first-hand experiences of various substances. What makes this show so interesting is the way that Morris explores drugs from these various angles, and takes a very honest approach while doing so. During Morris's first-hand experiences, the audience gets to watch Hamilton take drugs with scientists, shamans, people connected to fringe cultures, and then reflect on his experiences. The show originally premiered on Viceland in 2016. 

Here's a short clip from one of my favorite episodes of the show, "A Positive PCP Story." In the clip, Hamilton meets Timothy Wyllie, "an artist and founding member of The Process Church whose experiences on PCP led him to be an advocate of the drug's use." Wyllie is a pretty fascinating character, who makes fantastic UFO art and has an unusual outlook on PCP use. A look into Wyllie's far-out perspective and lifestyle make this episode especially interesting.