Watch this documentary to learn all about the tap dancing, Elvis impersonating, cult legend, Jesco White

Jesco White, born July 30, 1956, is an Appalachian folk dancer and performer, who has followed in the footsteps of his father D. Ray White, a famous mountain dancer and entertainer. The Dancing Outlaw is a fascinating portrait of Jesco's creative passions, personal life, and struggles. He has been the subject of multiple documentaries, including one about his entire family called The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, of which Johnny Knoxville was one of the producers. 

You can watch the film at The Internet Archive.

From Wikipedia

The Dancing Outlaw (1991), directed by Jacob Young, featured [Young] at home in West Virginia and gave audiences a glimpse into his troubled life. Young originally came to Boone County in search of D. Ray who had been murdered years prior. The TV series aimed to showcase "the unsung geniuses and charismatic madmen of Appalachian county." The director used this opportunity to unveil Jesco's talent and introduce America to the Dancing Outlaw. Viewers are acquainted with Jesco's three distinct personalities. "The gentle and loving Jesse, the violent and dangerous Jesco, and the extremely strange Elvis." This is the first of many mentions he makes regarding his lifelong struggle with his personality disorder. His admiration of Elvis is apparent in his stage attire and Elvis room within his home which White claims "saved his life from certain doom." The film won an American Film Institute Award and an Emmy for Best Documentary, was screened at the Museum of Modern Art, and was named best public television program in 1992.